Taxi Driver Music

Taxi Driver (Double LP)

40th Anniversary TAXI DRIVER double LP coming soon from Waxwork Records. Complete film score on vinyl for the first time and remastered original 1976 soundtrack. New and exclusive liner notes from director Martin Scorsese.


Bernstein –  On the Waterfront: Suite Prokofiev –  Piano Concerto No. 3 Ives –  Central Park in the Dark Herrmann –  Taxi Driver Carpenter –  Skyscrapers  .

Hollywood Thrillers

HERRMANN North by Northwest ,  Psycho , and  Taxi Driver BERNSTEIN On the Waterfront Symphonic Suite    .

An Interview with Bernard Herrmann

In a Hollywood studio where Bernard Herrmann had been supervising the recording of his score for Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver , it had been suggested that the session be finished the following day. Herrmann insisted, however, that it be completed.

An Evening with Herrmann & Wagner

Bernard Hermann - Marnie, suite Bernard Hermann - Taxi Driver, a night-piece for Orchestra Bernard Hermann - Psycho, suite for strings Bernard Hermann - Vertigo, Suite Richard Wagner - Tristan und Isolde, Vorspiel und Liebestod  .

Scoring For Scorsese

Howard Shore - Brooklyn Heights from 'Gangs of New York' Howard Shore - The Aviator Suite from 'The Aviator' Howard Shore - Three Pieces for 2 Guitars from 'The Departed' Howard Shore - Billy's Theme from 'The Departed' Howard Shore - The Invention of Hugo Cabret from 'Hugo' Peter Gabriel - 'Pa.

Katia Labeque & The Bernard Herrmann-Project

Bernard Herrmann - Suite from "Wuthering Heights" Bernard Herrmann - Taxi Driver Bernard Herrmann - Psycho Bernard Herrmann - Marnie and more.

Mark Kermode: Film Music Live

Jerry Goldsmith - Planet of the Apes Mike Oldfield arr Ziegler - The Exorcist Bernard Hermann - North By Northwest Bernard Hermann - Taxi Driver Peter Maxwell Davies - The Devils Johnny Greenwood - There Will Be Blood Richard Sherman & Robert Sherman - Mary Poppins Overture Angelo Badalam.

BBC National Orchestra of Wales

Elmer Bernstein - The Magnificent Seven Theme Bernard Herrmann - Vertigo - Suite Howard Shore - Theme from Ed Wood Miklós Rózsa - Spellbound Concerto John Williams - The Raiders March David Raksin - Theme from Laura Danny Elfman - Batman Bernard Herrmann - Taxi Driver Leonard Bernstein - O.

Petra Goes to the Movies

1. Rebel Without A Cause Main Title - Rebel Without A Cause - 2:50 2. God's Lonely Man - Taxi Driver - 2:01 3. Cool Hand Luke Main Title - Cool Hand Luke - 2:08 4. Cinema Paradiso - Cinema Paradiso - 3:01 5. A Fistful Of Dollars Theme - A Fistful Of Dollars - 1:51 6.

The War of The Worlds

Sean Cullen, Nicholas Campbell and Marc Bendavid star in the return of our 2011 sellout, accompanied by an onstage radio orchestra and a live Foley sound effects artist in the production that Margaret Atwood deemed "Brilliant!".

Symphonic Cinema

Bernard Herrmann - Psycho Bernard Herrmann - The Day The Earth Stood Still Bernard Herrmann - Taxi Driver Jerry Goldsmith - Chinatown Alex North - A Streetcar Named Desire and more.

Jazz, Barock and Pop

George Friedrich Händel - Fireworks Music Hommage to Michael Jackson Two pieces for Harpsichord and Strings.

Maestros of Suspense

Franz Waxman - The Bride of Frankenstein: Suite - Part One Franz Waxman - Rebecca: Suite Franz Waxman - Rear Window: Suite Franz Waxman - Sunset Boulevard: Suite Bernard Herrmann - Fahrenheit 451: Prelude, Fire Engine, The Bedroom Bernard Herrmann - Vertigo: Suite Bernard Herrmann - Marnie.

The Classic Film Scores of Bernard Herrmann

When Bernard Herrmann died in the early hours of Christmas Eve 1975, he left behind a body of work that would go on to transcend the medium for which it was originally written.

Music to be Murdered By

Programme to be confirmed!  Herrmann: North by Northwest - Overture Raksin: Laura Herrmann: Vertigo - Prelude, Nightmare, Love Scene Newman: All about Eve - Main Title Herrmann: Hangover Square - Concerto Macabre Rozsa: Ben Hur - Parade of the Charioteers Interval Herrmann.

Fimucite No 5

The closing gala concert of the fifth edition of Fimucite will pay tribute to two of the most important composers in the history of film music: Bernard Herrmann and the recently deceased, John Barry.

Film Music by Bernard Herrmann

Selections from Obsession The Ghost and Mrs Muir The Egyptian Journey to the Center of the Earth Vertigo Psycho Marnie Torn Curtain Fahrenheit 451 The Bride Wore Black The Night Digger Taxi Driver New arrangements for chamber orchestra.

Music to be Murdered By – The Music of Bernard Herrmann

Herrmann: North by Northwest - Overture Raksin: Laura Herrmann: Vertigo - Prelude, Nightmare, Love Scene Newman: Airport - Main Title Herrmann: Hangover Square - Concerto Macabre Rozsa: Ben Hur - Parade of the Charioteers Interval Herrmann: Psycho - Prelude, Murder, Finale Herrmann.

Film Music Gala

Bernard Herrmann Centenary Tribute: Citizen Kane Taxi Driver Psycho North by Northwest Vertigo plus: Zimmer: Gladiator Horner: Avatar Williams: Harry Potter Williams: Star Wars Conti: Rocky Barry: Out of Africa Shore: Lord of the Rings Williams: Jurassic Park Zimmer.

John Williams’ Heroes

Williams - Star Wars: Theme Korngold - The Sea Hawk: Theme Williams - Jaws: Shark Theme Waxman - Excerpts from The Philadelphia Story Williams - Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost ark: Raiders March Herrmann - Taxi driver: Theme Williams - ET: Adventures on Earth Newman - Airport.

A Night at the Oscars

Herrmann: Taxi Driver Herrmann: Vertigo Williams: E.T. Williams: Harry Potter Elfman: Beetlejuice Star Trek, etc.

The Golden Age of Hollywood

Moross: THE BIG COUNTRY Main Theme Steiner: CASABLANCA Suite Rozsa SPELLBOUND Concerto Herrmann: PSYCHO Suite Tiomkin: THE GUNS OF NAVERONE Main Theme Rozza: BEN-HUR Love Theme and Parade of the Charioteers Herrmann: TAXI DRIVER Main Theme Korngold: THE SEA HAWK Main Theme Addinsell.

At the Movies

Blanchard: Mo' Better Blues Ellington: Anatomy of a Murder Morricone: Cinema Paradiso Herrmann: Taxi Driver Raksin: Laura etc.

Philharmonische Filmmusik

Erich Wolfgang Korngold Overture from CAPTAIN BLOOD Max Steiner The Tara Theme from GONE WITH THE WIND Elmer Bernstein Theme from THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Jerry Goldsmith Suite from FIRST KNIGHT - Arthur's Fanfare - Main Title - Camelot - Arthur's Fanfare John Williams Suite from HARRY POTTER AND T.

The Music of John Williams

Williams: Star Wars Korngold: The Sea Hawk Waxman: The Philadelphia Story Williams: The Towering Inferno Newman: Airport Williams: E.T. Williams: Superman Herrmann: Taxi Driver Williams: Schindler's List Williams.

From Score to Screen

Herrmann: Psycho Herrmann: Vertigo Herrmann: Taxi Driver Zimmer: Pirates of the Caribbean Williams: Harry Potter etc...

Music to be Murdered By – The Music of Bernard Herrmann

Herrmann: North by Northwest - Overture Raksin: Laura Herrmann: Vertigo - Prelude, Nightmare, Love Scene Newman: Airport - Main Title Herrmann: Hangover Square - Concerto Macabre Rozsa: Ben Hur - Parade of the Charioteers Interval Herrmann: Psycho - Prelude, Murder, Finale Herrmann.

Nightmare Romance – Bernard Herrmann & Alfred Hitchcock

Chicago Symphony Orchestra Joel McNeely, conductor David New, narrator Rebecca Davis, vocalist Greg Cohen Quintet Robert Burger, piano Erik Charlston, percussion Greg Cohen, bass Marty Ehrlich, saxophone Bill Frisell, guitar Danny Kapilian, producer Herrmann - Psycho Herrmann - The Trouble With.

Nightmare Romance – Bernard Herrmann & Alfred Hitchcock

French: English: An almost repeat performance of the 2006 event at the Barbican, London: the Concerto Macabre from Hangover Square might also be included in Lyon.

John Williams & The Los Angeles Philharmonic

A Tribute to Bernard Herrmann Introduction by Martin Scorsese On Dangerous Ground The Inquirer from Citizen Kane Ballad of Springfield Mountain from The Devil and Daniel Webster Gallop the Whip (from Currier and Ives Suite) Scene d'Amour from Vertigo Psycho Medley (with film.

Just listen to the bloody music!

Malcolm Arnold: The Sound Barrier Rhapsody William Walton: The Battle of Britain - Suite (arr. Colin Matthews) Alex North2001 - A Space Odyssey - Suite (arr. John Mauceri) Bernard Herrmann: Hangover Square - Concerto Macabre Malcolm Arnold: Stolen Face - Ballad for piano and orchestra (arr.

Film Noir!

Repack of old Milan recordings.

John Williams with the New York Philharmonic

Death Hunt, from On Dangerous Ground (1950) EARLY YEARS IN HOLLYWOOD The Inquirer, from Citizen Kane (1940) Ballad of Springfield Mountain, from The Devil and Daniel Webster (1940) Gallop.

John Williams and the New York Philharmonic

April 24, 2006, was the first performance of The New York Philharmonic under the direction of John Williams in a program of selections from the conductor's and Bernard Herrmann's film scores. The Herrmann selections, hosted by Martin Scorsese, were played in the first half of the program, and the rest of the program was devoted to music by John Williams.

Nightmare Romance – Bernard Herrmann & Alfred Hitchcock

A very unusual Herrmann event at the Barbican in London on March 17 2006. And here's a very short report. The Music (performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra unless indicated).

Alfred Hitchcock and Federico Fellini

Bernard Herrmann: North by Northwest Bernard Herrmann: Psycho Bernard Herrmann: Taxi Driver Nino Rota: La Strada Nino Rota: Waterloo Volkshaus, Jena.

“Just listen to the bloody music!”

It happened in Cologne on October 15, 2002 when the Cologne Philharmonic a.k.a. Gürzenich Orchestra gave their first ever film music concert.

BBC Proms 2001: The Great Escape: Hollywood’s Golden Age

Bernstein | Hollywood and the Stars (3 mins) Rózsa | Overture and 'Parade of the Chariots' from Ben-Hur (11 mins) Korngold | 'Old England' and 'Robin Hood and his Merry Men' from Robin Hood (7 mins) Steiner | 'Tara's Theme' from Gone with the Wind (4 mins) Tiomkin | 'Red River', 'Duel in the S.

BBC Encounters – A Concert Report from London

On October 24 2000 the BBC Concert Orchestra gave a concert showcasing the talents of one of the great saxophonists of our time, John Harle. This was the first of a series of concerts running under the title "Revelations".


Hall: Queen Elizabeth Hall The first concert of a new series by the BBC Concert Orchestra called REVELATIONS. John Harle on Saxophone. Reduced rates for Bernard Herrmann Society members! (contact , +44 (0)20 7765 0646). Program.