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BBC Proms 2001: The Great Escape: Hollywood’s Golden Age

Bernstein | Hollywood and the Stars (3 mins)
Rózsa | Overture and ‘Parade of the Chariots’ from Ben-Hur (11 mins)
Korngold | ‘Old England’ and ‘Robin Hood and his Merry Men’ from Robin Hood (7 mins)
Steiner | ‘Tara’s Theme’ from Gone with the Wind (4 mins)
Tiomkin | ‘Red River’, ‘Duel in the Sun’, ‘Giant’, ‘Rawhide’, ‘High Noon’, ‘The Green Leaves of Summer from The Alamo’ from A President’s Country (11 mins)
Bernstein | The Ten Commandments (12 mins)
Interval |
Copland | The Red Pony; Morning on the Ranch; Dream March; Circus Music (12 mins)
Raksin | Laura – theme tune (6 mins)
Waxman | A Place in the Sun (9 mins)
Herrmann | Taxi Driver (9 mins)
Bernstein | The Man With The Golden Arm (5 mins)
Bernstein | The Magnificent Seven (5 mins)

John Harle, saxophone.

John Harle repeats his TAXI DRIVER performance with the BBC Concert Orchestra. This time at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the BBC Proms.

Conductor is the man who premiered the suite on CD: Elmer Bernstein!

Elmer Bernstein, composer and conductor of some of the most famous Hollywood film scores, joins top UK saxophonist John Harle and the BBC Concert Orchestra in a sequence of film music from the golden age of Hollywood, including scores by five 20th-century European composers whose flights from fascism ended in Hollywood.

5.30pm Pre-Prom Talk, Imperial College (Mechanical Engineering Lecture Theatre 220)“>BBC Prom 32“>Report of Harle’s old perfomance with the BBC CO

Orchestra/ensemble: BBC Concert Orchestra
Location: London, UK