Society for the Appreciation of the Music of Bernard Herrmann • 1911 - 1975

I have dreamt in my life dreams, that have stayed with me forever.

Talking Herrmann

Less Expensive Twisted Nerve/Bride Wore Black CD-R Now Available 4
Manny ... Günther Kögebehn
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30 September 2014
30 September 2014
Red Bitch Music = Harkit Records They will claim its Public Domain (it isn't). Do you think Amazon or iTunes will check? This stuff is fringe for them.
Miles' 'Milestones' and Psycho Prelude 5
NotHitch ... Scottycam
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29 - 30 September 2014
30 September 2014
I think this falls under the category of "There are only so many notes in the scale, and sometimes different people will put those notes together similarly."
Raksin on why BH turned down 'Laura'
Stephen Cimino
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30 September 2014
30 September 2014
I just finished reading the abridged version of David Raksin's autobiography "The Bad and the Beautiful", and there's very little about BH in it. ...
Herrmann on Decca/London 7
Stefan Huber ... OnyaBirri
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24 - 27 September 2014
27 September 2014
Did he record the longer Fahrenheit suite that was subsequently recorded or by others, or was it recorded as issued?
Benny and Autumn 2
Richard Reichardt ... OnyaBirri
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25 - 26 September 2014
26 September 2014
Even before I'd seen the movie, I associated this music with Autumn. I was living in New England when I received the Herrmann Hitchcock album as a gift late one September. ...
This article claims BH was influenced by Arnold Schoenberg(?) 17
Stephen Cimino ... Stan Sisskin
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30 August - 23 September 2014
23 September 2014
Mozart's supposed tone rows are in the 40th Symphony (26:02 in the following)
Williamsburg 3
Richard Reichardt ... Carl Steward
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31 August - 15 September 2014
15 September 2014
The entire score is reproduced on Tribute Classics CD of The Kentuckian. And quite well, it should be added.
Wagner's RING & Herrmann 48
Bill Wrobel ... Stephen Husarik
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04 November 2007 - 14 September 2014
14 September 2014
I gave a paper at an East coast university a couple of months ago and was enthusiatic because I saw in the other papers that participants understood what the Aristotelian version of the word diegesis ...
New John Mauceri Hitchcock CD coming 29
Jim Doherty ... Montag
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01 July - 12 September 2014
12 September 2014
I meant to write subtlety vs. subtly..... The Toccata web page also allow you to purchase MP3 and FLAC files of the tracks, and of the complete CD also.
Bernd Rachold ...
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28 July - 03 September 2014
03 September 2014
Christian Steinbock, Dramaturg Staatstheater Braunschweig, back from theatre-holidays confirmed today that indeed this Braunschweig-production of "Wuthering Heights" is the European stage-premiere. ...

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