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I have dreamt in my life dreams, that have stayed with me forever.

Talking Herrmann

Delius'Songs of Sunset' and Herrmanns 'Tender is the Night' 2
Markus ... Jim Doherty
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18 - 23 March 2017
23 March 2017
Whether it was coincidence or subconscious channeling of Delius' work (Herrmann did indeed like Delius), you are right; the similarities are quite obvious. Interesting.
Herrmann Debate 13
James Nolen ... OnyaBirri
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13 - 18 March 2017
18 March 2017
Herrmann has had a farther-reaching influence than any of the three guys participating in the conversation, regardless of whether Herrmann or any of the other three are "great."
The Passing of a TCM Icon 2
John J ... Jobla
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07 - 08 March 2017
08 March 2017
Agreed, he's a huge loss for the film buff community.
Herrmann-esque Music - Feud: Bette and Joan
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06 March 2017
06 March 2017
This (excellent) new FX series features a score using many Herrmann-esque devices, scored by Mac Quayle (Mr. Robot).
Vertigo re-restored? 6
Stan Sisskin ... Günther Kögebehn
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03 - 06 March 2017
06 March 2017
Harris and Katz were not exactly happy with the restoration mix either.... See this
The Hustler and Two for the Road. Life is Good.
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05 March 2017
05 March 2017
Just sayin'.
My latest LP purchases 5
HenryFly49 ... Andrew Shaneyfelt
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27 February - 02 March 2017
02 March 2017
Look for Raff's Symphony No. 5 conducted by Herrmann on vinyl if you can. The sound is better than the CD pressing and the cover art is cool.
Marconi Union and Herrmann?!?!?
Jim Cleveland
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01 March 2017
01 March 2017
Just read this on Wikipedia after reading something on about "MACARONI UNION (MSN is run by idiots): ...
Top 10 Herrmann scores for newbies 19
Bruno Bates ... Manny
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23 November 2014 - 27 February 2017
27 February 2017
Bernard Herrmann vs The Phantom Regiment 2
Nick Haysom ...
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19 February 2017
19 February 2017
And here's a somewhat less thrilling version by the President's Own Marine Band.

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