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Suspense - The Classic Radio Series
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20 August 2017
20 August 2017
Most Herrmann devotees know that he created music for classic radio shows, with "Suspense" being the most well known. He did sevseral others as well, ...
I'm really sorry almost no one visits this site anymore... 21
Jim Doherty ... Charlie
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29 July - 19 August 2017
19 August 2017
It sure looks like there's visitors to me! Don't worry, lots folks will continue to find this site (just like I did) perhaps slowly, but it's worth keeping. I'm glad the site is here, ...
Behind the Locked Door: Hitchcock Hour 2/22 2
G Stevens ... ParsifalThornhill
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08 - 18 August 2017
18 August 2017
I so wish those "Hour" shows would finally be released on proper blu ray/dvd. I do remember loving them back on network tv in the 70s, along with the original show. I did manage to order vol. ...
Herrmann's Peter Ibbetson radio score 2
G Stevens ... Jim Doherty
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09 - 12 August 2017
12 August 2017
The earliest incarnations of the JANE EYRE material I've found is in Herrmann's 1938 radio score for COLUMBIA WORKSHOP's presentation of OUTWARD BOUND. As you might already know, ...
Westinghouse Studio One on Decades channel again 4
Jim Doherty ... G Stevens
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15 July - 12 August 2017
12 August 2017
I watched "The Last Summer" (original air date was August 4, 1958) with Dennis Hopper last night, and was surprised to find it had tracked in music from Waxman's Peyton Place! ...
Greven ... Alan Hamer
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13 April 2016 - 08 August 2017
08 August 2017
I am not sure if this has come up before on the subject of Taxi Driver, but the old story I heard many years ago that Chris Palmer had written the saxophone tune for the movie, ...
An interview with Norma Herrmann and Howard Blake 5
Günther Kögebehn ... Alan Hamer
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01 July - 08 August 2017
08 August 2017
Fascinating interview, shame I missed it until now; I knew Howard Blake worked around Bennie as an extra part of the Laurie Johnson, Chris Palmer and BH "trio". His music is fine and effective.... ...
RIP Hywel Bennett
Tony Williams
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06 August 2017
06 August 2017
Bennett, remembered around here as the star of two Herrmann-scored films TWISTED NERVE and ENDLESS NIGHT, has passed away at the age of 73. He went on to a long, ...
Planets 5
James Nolen ...
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25 April - 30 July 2017
30 July 2017
There have been several attempts to add "Pluto" to the "Planets", and perhaps this music may be a solution.
Steve Vertlieb ... Mr Scratch
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26 - 27 July 2017
27 July 2017
I know how you feel.

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