Society for the Appreciation of the Music of Bernard Herrmann • 1911 - 1975

I have dreamt in my life dreams, that have stayed with me forever.

Talking Herrmann

Score 3
James Nolen ...
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11 - 13 February 2020
13 February 2020
Is that one of BH's cues from Brave New World?
Ambrose Chapell
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01 February 2020
01 February 2020
The famous scene in the Twilight Zone's "It's A Good Life" when Dan Hollis (Don Keefer) is turned into a Jack-In-The-Box by Billy Mumy has a music cue that has been credited on a particular website as ...
ENDLESS NIGHT coming to Blu-ray 9
Jobla ... KOP
8 replies
16 June 2019 - 30 January 2020
30 January 2020
Yes, you must have a player that can handle region B discs.
Herrmann documentary 3
James Nolen ... Jim Doherty
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12 - 27 January 2020
27 January 2020
It was released on VHS, laserdisc and, later, DVD. I contributed a couple of things to it back when they were making it in the 1990s, including the audio clip of LA DAME BELLE SANS MERCI. ...
What is this Herrmann piece? 5
Jim Doherty ... Andrew Shaneyfelt
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31 December 2019 - 16 January 2020
16 January 2020
Jim, I agree it sounds very much like Herrmann. I accidentally stumbled on this work long ago and probably liked it because it reminded me of Herrmann's music. ...
James Nolen
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12 January 2020
12 January 2020
ENDLESS NIGHT CD planned for Feb/March of 2020 21
Jobla ... Günther Kögebehn
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17 October 2019 - 11 January 2020
11 January 2020
With or without the cantata Benjamin's only really popular work was the "Jamaican Rumba" from 1938. A 'light music' / 'orchestral pops' standard when people were still listening to this kind of music. ...
What is this Herrmann piece?
Jim Doherty
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31 December 2019
31 December 2019
Usually I pride myself on being able to name any Herrmann cue thrown at me, but my mind isn't quite grasping this one. I know I know it, but can't quite pin it down. ...
Truth,Justice, and the American Way 159
Les Townsend ... Ambrose Chapell
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06 November 2004 - 11 November 2019
11 November 2019
"Bassoon and Zig_Zag Strings" by Jack Shaindlin seems to be an unattainable piece on line. Many, many cues can be found on YouTube but not this one- Odd, ...
Herrmanns original recording for 'The Naked and the Dead' 3
Markus ... Jim Doherty
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12 September - 03 November 2019
03 November 2019
I think the original recording might be in a nebulous region. From what I remember from past correspondence with other people, records indicate t it was recorded at the Samuel Goldwyn recording stage, ...

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