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I have dreamt in my life dreams, that have stayed with me forever.

Talking Herrmann

While we wait for 'endless night' 2
Mr Big ... Andrew Shaneyfelt
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03 - 04 September 2020
04 September 2020
Thanks for the heads up!
While we wait for 'endless night'
Mr Big
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03 September 2020
03 September 2020
Herrmann plus
James Nolen
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18 August 2020
18 August 2020
ENDLESS NIGHT CD planned for Feb/March of 2020 22
Jobla ...
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17 October 2019 - 19 July 2020
19 July 2020
According to a translation quoted on the FSM website, the Quartet CD of ENDLESS NIGHT is planned for a late release this year, which I interpret as being December of 2020. IIRC, ...
Perfect Banner for 6/29/20 what would have been Ray Harryhausen's 100th Birthday! 2
Ambrose Chapell ... Stan Sisskin
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29 June 2020
29 June 2020
And tonight TCM will celebrate by showing 4 Harryhausen films, including 7th Voyage and Mysterious Island.
Perfect Banner for 6/29/20 what would have been Ray Harryhausen's 100th Birthday!
Ambrose Chapell
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29 June 2020
29 June 2020
I don't know how it worked out so perfectly, but the Talking Herrmann 7th Voyage Of Sinbad banner is perfectly timed for today, what would have been Ray Harryhausen's 100th birthday- Bravo, sir!
Clarinet Quintet-Souvenirs de Voyage 3
Osiris Molina ... Nick Haysom
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18 - 28 June 2020
28 June 2020
According to the 2016 recording on Naxos the music publishers are MMB Music.
Interesting new recording 4
David Hermann ... Doug Raynes
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10 May - 13 June 2020
13 June 2020
That BH was often confused with the other BH by TV viewers when he conducted the orchestra for the long running BBC series THE GOOD OLD DAYS.
Price Difference! 3
Markus ... John J
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28 March - 02 April 2020
02 April 2020
You may want to start your own CD export business if there is enough demand.
R.I.P. Gerard Schurmann
Günther Kögebehn
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25 March 2020
25 March 2020
Herrmanns friend, British-Dutch composer Gerard Schurmann has died aged 96 on 24th March 2020.

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