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I have dreamt in my life dreams, that have stayed with me forever.

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Upcoming blu-rays 2
KOP ... Jobla
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20 - 21 July 2018
21 July 2018
Also, Scream Factory has just announced OBSESSION. This will be the premiere Blu-ray release of the film in the US, which has been a long time coming. ...
Psycho and Marnie 11
Dashrr ... OnyaBirri
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11 - 19 July 2018
19 July 2018
I would love a new recording of "Beneath the 12-Mile Reef," but I'm not holding my breath, no pun intended.
Film Music? 2
James Nolen ... Nick Haysom
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03 - 05 July 2018
05 July 2018
I'm not familiar with the 6th but I was very familiar with the 1st ("The Classical") long before I knew who Prokofiev was as one movement was the theme to the UK children's TV series The Flaxton Boys ...
Cannonball Adderley 4
OnyaBirri ...
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01 - 03 July 2018
03 July 2018
I know "Mercy Mercy" but not "Please." Is that one of his originals?
Do You Have Seasonal Drinking Preferences?
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23 June 2018
23 June 2018
During the fall and winter, I lean toward bourbon and rye. But when it gets warm in the spring, I transition to rum. How about you?
What Was Your Favorite Major Matt Mason Toy and Why? 9
OnyaBirri ...
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10 - 23 June 2018
23 June 2018
I had the space sled as a kid, and it was only decades later that someone shoed me there was a space to run a wire through it, so it would like it was moving through space.
Debbie the Bloop Had an Impressive Career!
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16 June 2018
16 June 2018
Not only was she on "Lost in Space," but she also played Mata Hari on "Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp." And if that weren't enough, ...
Salaambo 4
James Nolen ... Jim Doherty
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10 - 14 June 2018
14 June 2018
While I love the fact that this version (Teressa Foss and Dmitriy Cogan) includes an extra verse, my absolute favorite recent rendition is.
Anthony Bourdain, RIP 4
OnyaBirri ... Jim Cleveland
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09 - 12 June 2018
12 June 2018
It IS odd... FSM has a lot of people(And quite a few assholes, I might add, but that's what the "ignore function is for!), but the GOLDSMITH and HERRMANN boards... crickets... ...
James Nolen ... Kevin Rutherford
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16 February - 02 June 2018
02 June 2018
Composer Neil Brand talks about the Taxi Driver score on the BBC 4 Film Programme, available to download as a podcast

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