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ENDLESS NIGHT coming to Blu-ray
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16 June 2019
16 June 2019
Kino Lorber has announced a new 4K restoration of ENDLESS NIGHT, for Blu-ray and presumably DVD as well. I don't expect to see Herrmann's score isolated, due to the absence of original elements. ...
New Music Box reissue of OBSESSION 2
Jobla ... Markus
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05 - 08 June 2019
08 June 2019
I got this re-release of "Obsession" but unfortunately in the liner notes there is no information about the reason and the kind of the re-mastering. ...
Mrs. Norma Herrmanns remark about the original recording of 'Marnie'
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31 May 2019
31 May 2019
In the announcement of the new Marnie-release by Stylotone one could read Norma Herrmanns remark: Marnie held a special place for Benny. ...
Herrmann in D.C. 2
Stan Sisskin ... Manny
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16 - 30 May 2019
30 May 2019
I'll be there, as will Herrmann's daughters! Anyone else from the forum attending?
CAPE FEAR soundtrack CD?
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06 May 2019
06 May 2019
Is anybody familiar with the 2017 CD released by "Soundtrack Factory?" I doubt that it's legit, ...
Herrmann interview 2
James Nolen ... Günther Kögebehn
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26 - 28 April 2019
28 April 2019
Marnie Stylotone 2xLP/CD/7' release 13
Jp4151 ... Jobla
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14 February - 25 April 2019
25 April 2019
In what is becoming a weekly event, the MARNIE street date has been delayed again, this time until May 24th. It will take Stylotone that long to redo the cover image. ...
Herrmann in Bordeaux - France
Franck Bourgoz
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23 April 2019
23 April 2019
Hi ! From march 7th to march 15th, there was in Bordeaux, France, the second edition of 'Festival Cin-Notes' dedicated to Bernard Herrmannn. That was tremendous !!! ...
Documentary about Herrmann with brief footage of him working? 2
NR Korsakov ... Jp4151
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27 - 29 March 2019
29 March 2019
Music for the Movies: Bernard Herrmann Shows him conducting The Bride Wore Black for Truffaut
Interesting new interviews about Herrmann 11
Markus ... Jobla
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28 October 2018 - 07 March 2019
07 March 2019
Haven't had time to listen to the Norman Lloyd interview. Does he mention Herrmann's COMPANIONS IN NIGHTMARE score at all? I think that Lloyd was the producer of that film.

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