Society for the Appreciation of the Music of Bernard Herrmann • 1911 - 1975

I have dreamt in my life dreams, that have stayed with me forever.

Talking Herrmann

Red Shoes
James Nolen
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21 September 2021
21 September 2021
I missed this performance on PBS, thankfully a fellow Hermann admirer told me about this production.
Phase4 18
James Nolen ... OnyaBirri
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10 August - 10 September 2021
10 September 2021
"Pitch and drift are identical to the MFSL, so they must have used the same tape. Saying that the new Decca sounds better than the MFSL. Not a massive difference, but noticeable." Thank you. ...
Full Score of The Day the Earth Stood Still available! 3
John Kendall Bailey ... Stan Sisskin
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20 - 26 August 2021
26 August 2021
Thank you so much. I just ordered both the North by Northwest and Day the Earth Stood Still scores. Would love to hear if any more Herrmann scores become available.
More Psycho 3
James Nolen ...
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30 April - 07 August 2021
07 August 2021
Dana Paul Perna ... Layla
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24 June - 23 July 2021
23 July 2021
When I clicked the link, it played the current broadcast. I searched for the birthday celebration of Bernard Herrmann, but couldn't find it. Do you have another link for the broadcast?
Score to Herrmann's Symphony 3
Stephen Cimino ... Layla
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14 March - 23 July 2021
23 July 2021
It says it's no longer available. Do you know where else we can listen to it?
Ghost and Mrs Muir score and parts 13
Alan Hebert ...
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15 June - 13 July 2021
13 July 2021
I'm scheduled to look at the "Ghost" manuscript and the manuscript for the Clarinet Quintet next Tuesday, at the UCSB music library. ...
Clarinet Quintet-Souvenirs de Voyage 10
Osiris Molina ... Stan Sisskin
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18 June 2020 - 21 June 2021
21 June 2021
Alan, I don't know what to make of it either, but I will assume that Scratch is joking when he takes my answering his (yes, ...
Aria for Flute and Harp 3
Swanharp ... Günther Kögebehn
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25 March - 16 June 2021
16 June 2021
If it is not at the UCSB, it's either lost or in some private hands.
Film Scores Of Bernard Herrmann [7 CD Box Set] 2
Stephenvpomes ...
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09 June 2021
09 June 2021
My Bad! I see that this set has a page on BHS website.

An Interview with Bernard Herrmann August 1975

Royal S. Brown

Byron Concert

Bernard Herrmann, Christopher Palmer and others

Herrmann in Britain

Günther Kögebehn

Herrmann CBS Legacy

Bill Wrobel

A Blue Plaque for Herrmann

Michael Beek and Günther Kögebehn

The Classic Film Scores of Bernard Herrmann

George Kaplan