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Annabel Lee

Bernard Herrmann - Annabel Lee narrated by Christopher Young.

The Bride Wore Black

Quartet Records is proud to present a new digital recording: the premiere release of Bernard Herrmann’s score for François Truffaut  The Bride Wore Black ( La mariée était en noir ), coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the film.    .

City of Brass

A new digital Label “New Discovery” started to released some of Herrmann's Melodrams on Bandcamp: Bernard Herrmann - The City of Brass narrated by Christopher Young.

Crime Classics

A new digital Label "New Discovery" released some Herrmann Crime Classics score on Bandcamp: 1. The Final Day General Ketchum and How He Died 06:53 2. The Incredible Trial of Laura D. Fair 05:31 3. The Shrapnelled Bosom of Charles Drew, Senior 07:44.

Citizen Kane: The Classic Film Scores of Bernard Herrmann

Remastered with King of the Khyber Rifles!  .

The Day the Earth Stood Still

re-release from La-La-Land: http://.

Journey to the Center of the Earth (Varese 500)

Bernard Herrmann's classic score for 20th Century Fox's 1959 telling of Jules Verne's epic adventure tale makes a return in the Varèse 500 series! Limited Edition of 500 copies.

Psycho (7″)

45 rpm EP from the original masters   Side One 1. Prelude Side Two 1. The Murder   Mastered & Cut by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios, London  .

North by Northwest (Double LP)

Original Soundtrack Conducted by Bernard Herrmann First Vinyl Release Double LP Black Vinyl  .

Souvenirs de Voyage

Herrmann, Bernard: Souvenirs de voyage Del Tredici, David: Magyar Madness.

Jane Eyre

Twisted Nerve (Super Deluxe)

Available in Black or Yellow ‘Twisted Nerve -  Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ’ 1 x Blood-Spattered Clear 180gm 12” Vinyl LP 1 x ‘Vinyl’ Replica CD & Download - High-resolution WAV + MP3 Music Composed and Conducted by Bernard Herrmann Stylotone in association with The B.

Taxi Driver (Double LP)

40th Anniversary TAXI DRIVER double LP coming soon from Waxwork Records. Complete film score on vinyl for the first time and remastered original 1976 soundtrack. New and exclusive liner notes from director Martin Scorsese.

Marnie (EP)

45 rpm EP from the original masters   Side One – 1. Prelude (Marnie) 2. The Storm Side Two – 1. The Hunt 2. Farewell   Mastered & Cut by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios, London  .

Twisted Nerve (EP)

45 rpm EP from the original masters Side One: Main Titles The Murder / Henry's Dead Side Two: The Assault Twisted Nerve (Second Jazz Version)  .

The Snows of Kilimanjaro

Standalone release from Kritzerland.

Hangover Square / Five Fingers

Hangover Square with sixteen additional minutes of music and 5 Fingers with new mastering.

White Witch Doctor

For the first time as a standalone release.


Herrmann, Gershwin, Waxman & Copland

Beneath the 12-Mile Reef

Re-release from Kritzerland  .

The Egyptian

La La Land 2CD reissue  .


http://www.musicbox-  .

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Kritzerlands re-relase is coming in the new year!  .

Phase 4 Stereo 6 LPs

LP1 Dvorak: Symphony No.9 in E minor “From the New World” New Philharmonia Orchestra Antal Dorati LP2 The Fantasy Film World of Bernard Hermann National Philharmonic Orchestra Bernard Herrmann LP3 Bizet.

Phase 4 Stereo 40CDs

CD 1 Sousa: The Stars and Stripes Forever CD 2 Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue (arr. Grofé) / An American in Paris / Variations on “I got rhythm” CD 3 Khachaturian: Spartacus — Ballet Suite / Masquerade — Ballet suite/ Gayaneh — Ballet Suite CD 4 Spectacular Dances CD 5 Ravel.

Music for Alfred Hitchcock

Bernard Herrmann 1.  The Man Who Knew Too Much: Concert Overture (1956; ed. Mauceri) Franz Waxman 2.  Rebecca: Suite (1940; ed. Mauceri) 3.  Rear Window: Suite (1954; ed. Mauceri) Dimitri Tiomkin 7.  Strangers on a Train: Suite (1951; ed. Mauceri) 8.  Dial M for Murder.

American Journey

BARBER Adagio for Strings BERNSTEIN Serenade HERRMANN Psycho Suite GERSHWIN Three Preludes for Piano IVES The Unanswered Question.

A Christmas Carol and A Child is Born

This re-release is limited to 1000 copies only. A Christmas Carol 1. Prelude/On This Darkest Day Of Winter 2. Santa Claus, Santa Claus/The Office 3. Marley (The Spirits Lament) 4. The Past/The Christmas Dance 5. What Shall I Give My Lad/Girl For Christmas? 6.

Petra Goes to the Movies

1. Rebel Without A Cause Main Title - Rebel Without A Cause - 2:50 2. God's Lonely Man - Taxi Driver - 2:01 3. Cool Hand Luke Main Title - Cool Hand Luke - 2:08 4. Cinema Paradiso - Cinema Paradiso - 3:01 5. A Fistful Of Dollars Theme - A Fistful Of Dollars - 1:51 6.