A Blue Plaque for Herrmann

Michael Beek and Günther Kögebehn
7 July 2011
The Bernard Herrmann English Heritage Blue Plaque application

Film Music Journalist Michael Beek has launched a campaign for a proper application to get Herrmann an English Heritage Blue Plaque at one of his London homes.

A special panel by English Heritage selects about 12 names a year to be honoured on new plaques.

The subject must have “made some important positive contribution to human welfare or happiness” or else be so exceptional that “the well-informed passer-by immediately recognises their names”.

It is a challenging process and several well-known names had applications rejected. Daphne du Maurier, Keith Moon, Jack Hawkins to name a few.

About 10 years ago an application for Herrmann failed that resulted in a 10 year ban on re-application. The ban is no longer in place so the new application has to be much better. The Bernard Herrmann Society will work closely on this with Michael Beek to make it happen.

UPDATE 1: 12th August 2011: The finished application was handed in by Michael.

UPDATE 2: 7th December 2011: The application application was accepted and officially considered by the panel! It joined their long list of pending plaques and they will now do their own research into the properties etc. More info on Michael’s site.

UPDATE 3: 29th June 2012: An earlier version of this article was part of the application document as an appendix: Herrmann in Britain

UPDATE 4: 8th January 2013: Latest update by English Heritage on the current status of the Blue Plaque Scheme: http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/about/news/blue-plaques/

UPDATE 5: 29th April 2015: English Heritage have tasked an independent researcher, Dr Sarah Whittingham, to prepare an official proposal – and gather evidence – to be put before the ‘Blue Plaque Panel’ in June 2015.


Some additonal backround information:


The Camden Gazette


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This application has the full support of the Bernard Herrmann Society and the Bernard Herrmann Estate

A Blue Plaque for Herrmann
Michael Beek and Günther Kögebehn • 7 July 2011
Company/organization: English Heritage
Location: London, UK