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I have dreamt in my life dreams, that have stayed with me forever.

Talking Herrmann

Top 10 Herrmann scores for newbies 17
Bruno Bates ... OnyaBirri
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23 November 2014 - 29 November 2016
29 November 2016
It would depend on the sensibilities of the listener. Someone who may gravitate toward "It's Alive" may not care about "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir," and vice versa.
More Psycho!
James Nolen
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26 November 2016
26 November 2016
Question about Herrmann's favorite film scores raised by TL Moral's book on Marnie 8
Louis Goldberg ... Jobla
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25 November 2016
25 November 2016
I read that book about MARNIE a long time ago. Is the new version significantly revised, or just slightly tweaked?
Herrmann's March Militaire (1932) 3
Nick Haysom ...
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21 - 25 November 2016
25 November 2016
A longer version has now been uploaded here.
Jim Doherty ... Jobla
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20 - 21 November 2016
21 November 2016
I recall having a vinyl LP that had the "theme from OBSESSIONS" on it. I think it was a Japanese compilation of sci-fi themes, on the Poo label.
Clarinet 4
James Nolen ... Jim Doherty
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21 October - 19 November 2016
19 November 2016
I received the Naxos CD in the mail yesterday. It is played with great precision and an over-abundance of passion. If a passage is marked "fortissimo," these players push it almost to "fff. ...
Nocturnal Animals
Kevin Rutherford
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12 November 2016
12 November 2016
There was an interview with Tom Ford on BBC 4's The Film Programme last week in which the director professes his love of Herrmann, and says he was a big influence on the music for 'Nocturnal Animals'. ...
Herrmann NOT on DVD 36
Günther Kögebehn ... Jobla
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27 November 2006 - 27 October 2016
27 October 2016
Somebody quoted Norman Lloyd as believing that the film is now lost, due to not having seen a copy in decades.
Stylotone releases Twisted Nerve 66
Günther Kögebehn ... Stefan Huber
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04 March - 24 October 2016
24 October 2016
Does anybody have any news about Stylotone? September has passed, October nearly... but no news : ...
Psycho Suite in Concert 3
Craig Zeichner ...
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05 - 07 October 2016
07 October 2016
Hopefully there will be other opportunities!

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