The Bernard Herrmann Society

International Society for
the Appreciation of the music of
Bernard Herrmann (1911-1975)


The Aims of the Bernard Herrmann Society

To widen the appreciation and knowledge of the life and music of Bernard Herrmann on an international level

To encourage the performance and recording of Herrmann’s music. In particular the lesser known works with an emphasis on the classical concert hall repertoire

To aid the research on all aspects of Herrmann’s unique career as composer, conductor and champion of underapreciated music and other achievements

To serve as a modern forum of communication for all who share the interest in the life and music of Bernard Herrmann



Günther Kögebehn & Kurt George Gjerde
founders and directors

Marc Allen
associate director

Gary S. Dalkin


Founded June 29, 2000 with the encouragement of the
Bernard Herrmann Estate and family.


The Bernard Herrmann Society is a continuation of the Bernard Herrmann Web Pages (1994-2000). The BHS is unrelated to the 1980′s society by the same name.

The BHS web site is hosted by the University of Bergen, Norway, with special thanks to the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, and to Hans Morten Kind at the IT-department.

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