The Man Who Knew Too Much Music

The Man Who Knew Too Much – 4K restoration

Brand new restoration of the film supervised by Robert Harris. (Only on the 4K UHD, Standard Blu-ray has the old print) Includes 4K UHD, Blu-ray and a digital copy of The Man Who Knew Too Much (Subject to expiration. Go to for details.

The Man Who Knew Too Much / On Dangerous Ground

THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (1956) 01.  VistaVision Logo & Prelude (From The Man Who Knew Too Much) (2:40) 02.  Nocturne (2:27) 03. Arab Trio #1 (1:36) 04. Arab Trio #2 (2:13) 05. Arab Trio #3 (0:20) 06.  The Chase & The Knife (1:59) 07. L. B. Death (0:31) 08.

Film Music for Choir & Orchestra

James Horner - Titanic Jerry Goldsmith - First Knight: Lancelot James Horner - Avator Arthur Benjamin (arr Bernard Herrmann) - The Man who Knew too Much Jerry Goldsmith - The sum of all fear Franz Waxman - Demetrius and the Gladiators John Williams - Star Wars.

Cinematic Classics

Miklos Rosza Entry of the Nobles from “El Cid” Erich Wolfgang Korngold Violin Concerto Bernard Herrmann Prelude from “The Man Who Knew Too Much” and Suite from “Vertigo” William Walton Suite from “Henry V”

Hitchcock & Herrmann

Featuring music from Vertigo The Trouble With Harry North By Northwest Psycho The Man Who Knew Too Much.

Music for Alfred Hitchcock

Bernard Herrmann 1.  The Man Who Knew Too Much: Concert Overture (1956; ed. Mauceri) Franz Waxman 2.  Rebecca: Suite (1940; ed. Mauceri) 3.  Rear Window: Suite (1954; ed. Mauceri) Dimitri Tiomkin 7.  Strangers on a Train: Suite (1951; ed. Mauceri) 8.  Dial M for Murder.

Herrmann in Britain

  Introduction New York born Bernard Herrmann had a long relationship with Britain, especially London, which he made his second home in 1961 and primary residence in 1964 after he seperated from his second wife Lucy Anderson.

Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection (UK Edition)

Univeral releases a Blu Ray box set of Hitchcocks films.

Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection (US Edition)

Univeral releases a Blu Ray box set of Hitchcocks films.

The Music of Alfred Hitchcock

Bernard Herrmann: The Man Who Knew Too Much -  Overture Franz Waxman: Rebecca Franz Waxman: Rear Window Dimitri Tiomkin: Strangers on a Train Dimitri Tiomkin: Dail M for Murder Miklós Rózsa: Spellbound concerto Bernard Herrmann: Psycho – Narrative for String Orchestra Bernard Herrmann.

Hitchcock and Hollywood

Psycho - Bernard Herrmann Vertigo - Bernard Herrmann Marnie - Bernard Herrmann North by Northwest - Bernard Herrmann Torn Curtain - John Addison Strangers on a Train - Dimitri Tiomkin The Man Who Knew Too Much - Bernard Herrmann Rear Window - Franz Waxman.

The Classic Film Scores of Bernard Herrmann

When Bernard Herrmann died in the early hours of Christmas Eve 1975, he left behind a body of work that would go on to transcend the medium for which it was originally written.

Prom 38: Film Music Prom

Herrmann: The Man Who Knew Too Much Herrmann: Citizen Kane Herrmann: North by Northwest Herrmann: Psycho Morricone: Cinema Paradiso - theme Walton: Henry V - suite (arr. Muir Mathieson) Williams: Star Wars Williams: Schindler's List Williams: Harry Potter (14 mins) Greenwood.

Alfred Hitchcock & Bernard Herrmann

Vertigo: Suite ( Prelude, Nightmare, Scene d'amour ) The Trouble With Harry: Portrait of Hitch Torn Curtain: Prelude, Gromek, The Killing North by Northwest: Conversation Piece, Overture Psycho: A Narrative for Orchestra Marnie: Prelude, The Hunt The Man Who Knew Too Much.


Organist Stephan Tharp opens the program with adaptations of "The Man Who Knew Too Much", "Vertigo" and "Psycho". Then organist Christoph Bull provides a live improvised score to the early Hitchcock silent film "The Lodger".

Symphonic Oscars

Steiner: Gone with the Wind Morricone: The Untouchables Rota: The Godfather Bernstein: To Kill a Mockingbird Porter: The Gay Divorcee Herrmann: The Man Who Knew Too Much etc..

Night on the Red Carpet

Includes music from: "Ben Hur", "Lawrence of Arabia", "Out of Africa" "E.T.", "Forrest Gump", etc.

Here’s to Hitch: A Celebration of the Movie Music of Alfred Hitchcock

Herrmann: Psycho Herrmann: Vertigo Herrmann: Marnie Herrmann: North by Northwest Addison: Torn Curtain Tiomkin: Strangers on a Train Herrmann: The Man Who Knew Too Much Waxman: Rear Window.

Herrmann and Hitchcock – The Torn Curtain

Hitchcock, in his American period, had often remarkable success with his choice of musical collaborators, notably with Miklos Rozsa, Franz Waxman and, in particular, with Dimitri Tiomkin, who seemed able to echo the sense of urgency and nervous agitation associated with Hitchcockian dilemmas.

Film ab! – IV

Steiner : King Kong Kilar : Dracula Herrmann : Psycho, The Man Who Knew Too Much Goldsmith : Star Trek - TMP, Alien Courage : Star Trek TV Tiomkin : Rawhide Moroder : Flashdance.

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Letterbox; includes trailer, documentary, photographs.

Goldsmith in Sevilla

Since 1986 The International Film Music Encounters have allowed us to listen and watch in Seville in front of several symphonic groups some of the greatest names in the history of film music.

Tribute to the Movies

Los Angeles, October 1996 Esa-Pekka Salonen conducting the Los Angeles Philharmonic The Los Angeles Philharmonic recently performed excerpts from four Herrmann scores, at a Tribute to the Movies concert fundraiser.