Cape Fear Music

The War of The Worlds

Sean Cullen, Nicholas Campbell and Marc Bendavid star in the return of our 2011 sellout, accompanied by an onstage radio orchestra and a live Foley sound effects artist in the production that Margaret Atwood deemed "Brilliant!".

Universal Studios Centenary Concert

Jerry Goldsmith (arr. Brian Tyler) - Universal Fanfare Pictures Bernad Kaunan - Frankenstein: Main title John Williams - Dracula: End Title Danny Elfman - The Wolfman: Wolf Suite Jerry Goldsmith - The Sand Volcano: The Mummy Bernard Herrmann - Cape fear.

Kap der Angst (1961/1991)

German release.

Cape Fear (1991)

UK release.

Cape Fear

UK release.

Cape Fear (1991)

US release.

The Classic Film Scores of Bernard Herrmann

When Bernard Herrmann died in the early hours of Christmas Eve 1975, he left behind a body of work that would go on to transcend the medium for which it was originally written.

Cape Fear (1962)

Cape Fear (1991)