White Witch Doctor Music

White Witch Doctor

For the first time as a standalone release.

Film Music Concert

John Williams - Raiders of the Lost Ark Elmer Bernstein - Zulu Dawn Jerry Goldsmith - The Edge Elmer Bernstein - Kings of the Sun Bernard Herrmann - White Witch Doctor John Williams - Jurrassic Park.

White Witch Doctor

Bernard Herrmann at 20th Century Fox

14-CD box set containing all of the 20th Century Fox scores of Herrmann Details here.

The Classic Film Scores of Bernard Herrmann

When Bernard Herrmann died in the early hours of Christmas Eve 1975, he left behind a body of work that would go on to transcend the medium for which it was originally written.

La Hechicera Blanca

Spanish DVD Release Spanish and English Audio Tracks.

Citizen Kane – The Classic Film Scores of Bernard Herrmann

Tresors Hollywood

French 4CD re-issue of the Gerhard RCA recordings.