Crime Classics Music

Crime Classics

A new digital Label "New Discovery" released some Herrmann Crime Classics score on Bandcamp: 1. The Final Day General Ketchum and How He Died 06:53 2. The Incredible Trial of Laura D. Fair 05:31 3. The Shrapnelled Bosom of Charles Drew, Senior 07:44.

Crime Classics

"Death of a Picture Hanger” “Coyle and Richardson - Why They Hung in a Spanking Breeze” Music composed by Bernard Herrmann Scripts written by Morton Fine and David Friedkin Radio Players - West Elgin Symphony Orchestra Trombones -  Reed Capshaw, Adam Moen and Mark Fry Harp - Faye Se.

CRIME MUSIC – Bernard Herrmann Revisited

Montreal composer Antoine Bustros has arranged the music from Psycho into a suite for an octet of strings and winds from his Ensemble Ulysse. Included on this CD are six scores for the 1953-54 CBS series Crime Classics.