The Twilight Zone Music

The Classic Film Scores of Bernard Herrmann

When Bernard Herrmann died in the early hours of Christmas Eve 1975, he left behind a body of work that would go on to transcend the medium for which it was originally written.

Herrmann Music in Have Gun Will Travel and Other Classic CBS Television Series

Have you ever watched the old classic CBS series such as Have Gun Will Travel, Gunsmoke, Rawhide, Perry Mason, and Twilight Zone and ever wondered how much of Bernard Herrmann’s music you heard in various episodes?

Nightmare Romance – Bernard Herrmann & Alfred Hitchcock

A very unusual Herrmann event at the Barbican in London on March 17 2006. And here's a very short report. The Music (performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra unless indicated).

Bernard Herrmann: The Twilight Zone

Complete re-recording of Herrmann's music for the TV series.

The Twilight Zone: 40th Anniversary Collection

4 disc set of original tracks from the TV series. Disc 1 is Herrmann, the other discs contain music by Jerry Goldsmith, Marius Constant, Nathan Van Cleave, Fred Steiner and others.