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Fimucite No 5

The closing gala concert of the fifth edition of Fimucite will pay tribute to two of the most important composers in the history of film music: Bernard Herrmann and the recently deceased, John Barry. 

Bernard Herrmann
A Centenary Celebration

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad – Overture, Bagdad, The Duel with the Skeleton
Mysterious Island – Prelude, The Balloon, The Giant Bird
The 3 Worlds of Gulliver – Overture
Jason and the Argonauts – Prelude
Citizen Kane – Prelude, Galop, Salaambo’s Aria, Finale
The Day the Earth Stood Still – Prelude And Outer Space, Radar
North by Northwest – Main Title
Taxi Driver – A Night Piece For Orchestra

John Barry
A Remembrance and Tribute

Born Free – Theme
Midnight Cowboy – Theme
Zulu – Main Theme / Isandhiwana
Somewhere in Time – Theme
Chaplin – Theme
Cry the Beloved Country – Theme
Dances With Wolves – Journey to Fort Sedgewick, Two Socks – Wolf Theme , John Dunbar Theme
Goldfinger – Theme
Diamonds are Forever – Theme
The Lion in Winter – Main Title / Eleanor’s Arrival / We’re All Jungle Creatures