Peter Bay People

Symphony of Terror

Psycho (Bernard Herrmann), Jaws (John Williams), Poltergeist (Jerry Goldsmith), Beetlejuice (Danny Elfman), The Shining (Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind) and more!

Homage to Alfred Hitchcock

Benjamin: The Man Who Knew Too Much Herrmann: Psycho Herrmann: Vertigo Herrmann: The Trouble with Harry Waxman: Rebecca etc.

The Golden Age of the Silver Screen I

Korngold: The Adventures of Robin Hood Suite Korngold: Violin Concerto Herrmann: Psycho Suite Herrmann: Vertigo Suite Herrmann: North by Northwest Overture Pre-concert talk at 7 p.m. by special guest Katy Korngold Hubbard, violinist and granddaughter of composer Erich Wolfgang Korngold.

The Golden Age of the Silver Screen II

Shostakovich: Excerpts from The Gadfly Rozsa: Sinfonia Concertante Addinsell: Warsaw Concerto from Dangerous Moonlight Herrmann: Concerto Macabre from Hangover Square Waxman: The Bride of Frankenstein Suite.