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Psycho with Live Orchestra

Psycho with Live Orchestra.

The Art of the Score: Film Week at the Philharmonic – Hitchcock!

Williams: Prelude to The Lady Vanishes Murray:  To Catch A Thief Tiomkin:  Strangers On A Train Gounod:  Funeral March of a Marionette Tiomkin:  Dial M for Murder Herrmann:  North By Northwest.

Hitchcock: Symphony at the Movies

Herrmann: Psycho Murray: To Catch a Thief Tiomkin: Strangers on a Train Tiomkin: Dial M for Murder Rozsa: Spellbound Herrmann: North by Northwest.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho with Orchestra

Alfred Hitchcock's original full length film noir classic will be shown with the original voice track, while the BSO performs Bernard Herrmann's cinematic score, famous for its screeching, piercing violins.


Herrmann: North by Northwest Tiomkin: Dial M for Murder Tionkin: Strangers on a Train Thursday 10/4/2007 10:45 AM Thursday 10/4/2007 08:00 PM Friday 10/5/2007 08:30 PM Saturday 10/6/2007 08:30 PM Sunday 10/7/2007 03:00 PM.

Hitchcock Halloween

A Night at the Oscars

Korngold: Adventures of Robin Hood Steiner: Gone With the Wind Rozsa: Ben-Hur Herrmann: Citizen Kane Gershwin: An American in Paris Stothart: Wizard of Oz.