John Williams People

John Williams: A Night At The Movies

Hooray for Hollywood

John Williams: Jubilee 350 Suite from Far and Away Devil's Dance from The Witches of Eastwick Night Journey from Dracula Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back March from 1941 Theme from Sabrina Oboe Concerto (premiere) A Tribute to George Lucas and Steven Spielberg Bernard Herrmann.

John Williams: Music from the City of Angels

KORNGOLD Suite from The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex NORTH "Forest Meeting" and March from Spartacus HERRMANN "Scene d'Amour" from Vertigo WAXMAN Excerpts from Sunset Blvd.

John Williams: Maestro of the Movies

Film Night

Fanfare for a Festive Occasion Citizen Kane Newspaper Montage Scene d'Amour from Vertigo Currier & Ives Suite Psycho Suite North By Northwest Main Title Hooray for Hollywood Carousel Suite Fiddler on the Roof Suite All that Jazz from Chicago Superman Theme Harry Potter Suite Jaws Theme Star Wa.

John Williams & The Los Angeles Philharmonic

A Tribute to Bernard Herrmann Introduction by Martin Scorsese On Dangerous Ground The Inquirer from Citizen Kane Ballad of Springfield Mountain from The Devil and Daniel Webster Gallop the Whip (from Currier and Ives Suite) Scene d'Amour from Vertigo Psycho Medley (with film.

John Williams and the Music of the Movies

20th Century Fox Fanfare "Conquest" from Captain from Castile (Alfred Newman) A Place in the Sun (Waxman) Madame Bovary Waltz (Rozsa) Theme from Now Voyager (Steiner) The Inquirer from Citizen Kane Psycho Montage Scene d'Amour from Vertigo Theme from North by Northwest (Herrmann) Theme from Jur.

John Williams with the New York Philharmonic

Death Hunt, from On Dangerous Ground (1950) EARLY YEARS IN HOLLYWOOD The Inquirer, from Citizen Kane (1940) Ballad of Springfield Mountain, from The Devil and Daniel Webster (1940) Gallop.

John Williams and the New York Philharmonic

April 24, 2006, was the first performance of The New York Philharmonic under the direction of John Williams in a program of selections from the conductor's and Bernard Herrmann's film scores. The Herrmann selections, hosted by Martin Scorsese, were played in the first half of the program, and the rest of the program was devoted to music by John Williams.

Soundstage L.A.: An Inaugural Gala for Walt Disney Concert Hall

Williams: Soundings (world premiere) Steiner: King Kong Korngold: The Adventures of Robin Hood Newman: Wuthering Heights Rózsa: "Madame Bovary" Waltz Various: Selection of songs, with Ms. McDonald and Mr. Groban Bernstein: The Magnificent Seven Williams.