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Dial M for Murder

Watch all of the best bits from Hitchcock’s famous films on the big screen while at the same time the RTÉ Concert Orchestra performs the scores live on stage.

Alfred Hitchcock: Psycho

Psycho film with Orchestra    .

At The Movies – Classic Academy Award Winners On Screen

Steiner: Gone with the Wind Herrmann: Citizen Kane Stothart/Arlen/Harburg: The Wizard of Oz Korngold: The Adventures of Robin Hood Rozsa: Ben-Hur Gershwin: An American in Paris.

Music to be Murdered By – The Music of Bernard Herrmann

Herrmann: North by Northwest - Overture Raksin: Laura Herrmann: Vertigo - Prelude, Nightmare, Love Scene Newman: Airport - Main Title Herrmann: Hangover Square - Concerto Macabre Rozsa: Ben Hur - Parade of the Charioteers Interval Herrmann: Psycho - Prelude, Murder, Finale Herrmann.

Cheltenham Festival: Academy 1

Herrmann: Suite from Psycho Barber: Adagio Finzi: Dies Natalis Mahler: Adagietto from Symphony No 5 Delius: Sonata for Strings.