Dirk Brosse People

Scoring For Scorsese

Howard Shore - Brooklyn Heights from 'Gangs of New York' Howard Shore - The Aviator Suite from 'The Aviator' Howard Shore - Three Pieces for 2 Guitars from 'The Departed' Howard Shore - Billy's Theme from 'The Departed' Howard Shore - The Invention of Hugo Cabret from 'Hugo' Peter Gabriel - 'Pa.

Film Music Summer 2012

Concert to include: John Barry - Out of Africa Henry Mancini - Breakfast at Tiffany's Henry Mancini - Cinema Paradiso John Williams - Schindler's list Bernard Herrmann - Psycho John Williams - Star Wars Wednesday 8 August, 20.

Maestros of Suspense

Franz Waxman - The Bride of Frankenstein: Suite - Part One Franz Waxman - Rebecca: Suite Franz Waxman - Rear Window: Suite Franz Waxman - Sunset Boulevard: Suite Bernard Herrmann - Fahrenheit 451: Prelude, Fire Engine, The Bedroom Bernard Herrmann - Vertigo: Suite Bernard Herrmann - Marnie.


Bernard Herrmann - Prelude from Citizen Kane / Prelude from Marnie / Prelude, Murder and The City from Psycho Elmer Bernstein - Main Theme from Magnificent Seven / The Age of innocence sfrome Jerry Goldsmith - Main Theme from Star Trek / The Hunt from Planet of the Apes / Forever Young John Williams.