Orquesta Sinfonica de Tenerife Orchestra/Ensemble

Movies Greatest Music

FIRST HALF VARIOUS COMPOSERS - Movie Company Signatures: “Themes” * JEROME MOROSS (1913-1983) - The Big Country (1958): “Opening Titles” MAX STEINER (1888-1971) - Gone with the Wind (1939): “Tara.

Universal Studios Centenary Concert

Jerry Goldsmith (arr. Brian Tyler) - Universal Fanfare Pictures Bernad Kaunan - Frankenstein: Main title John Williams - Dracula: End Title Danny Elfman - The Wolfman: Wolf Suite Jerry Goldsmith - The Sand Volcano: The Mummy Bernard Herrmann - Cape fear.

Fimucite No 5

The closing gala concert of the fifth edition of Fimucite will pay tribute to two of the most important composers in the history of film music: Bernard Herrmann and the recently deceased, John Barry.