Orchestre National de Lyon Orchestra/Ensemble

Cinema / Emotions in Music

John Williams - Flying Theme from E. T. Bernhard Herrmann - Psycho, a suite for strings. Alan Silvestri - Forrest Gump suite Gustav Mahler - "Adagietto" from Symphony No. 5 in c sharp minor  .

Musiques d’Hollywood

Rozsa: Ben-Hur Waxman: Rebecca Herrmann: Psycho Steiner: Gone With the Wind Horner: The Mask of Zorro Silvestri: Forest Gump Horner: Avatar etc .

Nightmare Romance – Bernard Herrmann & Alfred Hitchcock

French: English: An almost repeat performance of the 2006 event at the Barbican, London: the Concerto Macabre from Hangover Square might also be included in Lyon.