Chicago Symphony Orchestra Orchestra/Ensemble

North by Northwest Live

live with film  .

Hooray for Hollywood

Herrmann: Citizen Kane Steiner: Gone with the Wind Steiner: King Kong (1933) Goldsmith: Star Trek (1979)  .

Hitchcock at the Movies

Lyn Murray: To Catch a Thief Dimitri Tiomkin: Strangers on a Train Dimitri Tiomkin: Dial M for Murder Bernard Herrmann: North by Northwest  .


Nightmare Romance – Bernard Herrmann & Alfred Hitchcock

Chicago Symphony Orchestra Joel McNeely, conductor David New, narrator Rebecca Davis, vocalist Greg Cohen Quintet Robert Burger, piano Erik Charlston, percussion Greg Cohen, bass Marty Ehrlich, saxophone Bill Frisell, guitar Danny Kapilian, producer Herrmann - Psycho Herrmann - The Trouble With.