Junge Sinfonie Kaarst Orchestra/Ensemble

Jazz, Barock and Pop

George Friedrich Händel - Fireworks Music Hommage to Michael Jackson Two pieces for Harpsichord and Strings.

Kaarst Night at the Movies

JOHN BARRY: James Bond Suite BERNARD HERRMANN: Psycho MIKLÓS RÓZSA: Ben Hur ALEX NORTH: Death of a Salesman HERRMANN: Torn Curtain MAURICE JARRE: Lawrence of Arabia JOHN WILLIAMS: Schindlers List ALFRED NEWMAN: 20th Century Fox Fanfare JOHN WILLIAMS.

Film Music by Bernard Herrmann

Selections from Obsession The Ghost and Mrs Muir The Egyptian Journey to the Center of the Earth Vertigo Psycho Marnie Torn Curtain Fahrenheit 451 The Bride Wore Black The Night Digger Taxi Driver New arrangements for chamber orchestra.