CBS Symphony Orchestra

Bob Kosovsky
1997 rev. 2017


“TREASURY BANDSTAND: MUSICAL AMERICANA” – and individual programs (part 1)
January 18 – December 25, 1949

Unless otherwise noted the broadcasts are in the Treasury Bandstand series with the Columbia Concert Orchestra.

The list is assembled from scripts found in the Music Division of The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, which also holds recordings of many of these broadcasts.


Jan. 18 Hanson, Howard Theme: Romantic
Guion, Jean Arkansas Traveller
Gottschalk, Louis Moreau The Banjo
Herbert, Victor Indian Summer
Grofé, Ferde On the Trail
MacDowell, Edward To a Water Lily
Anderson, Leroy Fiddle Faddle
Gould, Morton Pavane
Still, William Grant Scherzo from the Afro-American Symphony

Jan. 25 Hanson, Howard Theme: Romantic
Maganini, Quinto Joe Bowers and the Days of ’49
Cadman, Charles Wakefield a) From the Land of the Sky-Blue Water
b) Far off I hear a Lover’s Flute (from Indian Love Lyric Suite)
Herbert, Victor Dagger Dance from Natoma
Scott, Raymond Toy Trumpet
Hall, John T. Wedding of the Winds Waltz
Gould, Morton American Sketches
1. Corn Cob
2. Night Song


3. Hill Billy












Feb. 1 Hanson, Howard Theme: Romantic
De Filippi, Amadeo Raftsman’s Dance Composed for the American School of the Air; based on 2 Ohio river songs: “Raftsman Jim” and “Going Up the River”
Harrington, Clark Faun Call
Skilton, Charles Sanford Deer and War Dances
Rose, David Holiday for Strings
Grofé, Ferde Mississippi Suite: A Tone Journey
1. Father of the Waters
2. Huck Finn
3. Old Creole Days


4. Mardi Gras












Feb. 8 Hanson, Howard Theme: Romantic
MacDowell, Edward In October, from Suite, Op. 42
White, Paul Idyl
Dett, R. Nathaniel Juba Dance from In the Bottoms Suite
Guion, Jean The Harmonica Player
Hadley, Henry Red Rose (Ballet of the Flowers)
Cadman, Charles Wakefield American Suite (Full Orchestral verion)
1. Indian
2. Negro


3. Old Fiddlers












Feb. 15 Hanson, Howard Theme: Romantic
James, Philip Brennan on the Moor
Lanier, Sidney Dance of the Mosquitos
White, Clarence Cameron Bandanna Sketches
1. Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen


2. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child












MacDowell, Edward To a Wild Rose
Logan, Fredrick Knight Missouri Waltz
Anderson, Leroy Jazz Pizzicato
Sanders, Robert L. Saturday Night (Barn Dance)

Mar. 1 Hanson, Howard Theme: Romantic
Smith, Julia Liza Jane
MacDowell, Edward From a Log Cabin
Burleigh, Cecil Barn Dance
Grainger, Percy Spoon River
Gershwin, George Suite from Porgy and Bess

Mar. 8 Hanson, Howard Theme: Romantic
Brant, Henry A Fisherman’s Overture
Bloom, Rube Song o the Bayou
Howard, John Tasker Moses from an Old Manse
Harris, Roy Cowboy Songs
Rodgers, Richard Oklahoma! (excerpts)

Mar. 15 Hanson, Howard Theme: Romantic
Converse, Frederick Haul Away Joe
MacDowell, Edward Br’er Rabbit (from “Fireside Tales”)
Earl, Mary Beautiful Ohio Waltz
Copland, Aaron Hoe Down (from Rodeo)
Pryor, Arthur Whistler and his Dog
Hadley, Henry October Twilight
Guion, Jean Sheep and Goats
McBride, Robert Fugato on a Well Known Tune

Mar. 22 Hanson, Howard Theme: Romantic
Herbert, Victor March of the Toys (from Babes in Toyland)
Herbert, Victor Habanera (from Natoma)
Herbert, Victor Air de Ballet
Cowell, Henry Reel
Griffes, Charles Two Indian Sketches
Middleton, Robert Down South

Mar. 29 Hanson, Howard Theme: Romantic
Wilson, Mortimer Overture 1849
Foster, Stephen C. Tioga Waltz
Foster, Stephen C. Village Festival
Ellington, Duke Sophisticated Lady
Kern, Jerome “Show Boat” medley

Apr. 5 Hanson, Howard Theme: Romantic
Semmler, Alexander Times Square Overture
Grisselle, Thomas Two American Sketches
Lieurance, Thurlow By the Waters of the Minnetonka
De Koven, Reginald “Robin Hood” medley

Apr. 19 Hanson, Howard Theme: Romantic
Edward, Hans Music for a Puppet Show
1. Curtain Music
2. Lullaby for a Broken Doll


3. Waltz for Goo-Goo












Sorrentino, Charles Scherzo Pizzicato
Gardner, Samuel From a Canebrake
Moore, Douglas Village Music
1. Square Dance
2. Procession
3. Nocture


4. Jig












Hadley, Henry Sipapu Indian Dance

Apr. 26 Hanson, Howard Theme: Romantic
Gould, Morton American Salute
Spialek, Hans Silvery Night (Nocture for Flute) Julius baker, flute
Humel, Gerald American Ideology Scholastic prize-winning composition
Smith, Andrew W., Jr. Graduation March Scholastic prize-winning composition
Ives, Charles The Indians
Bergsma, William Paul Bunyan
1. Dance of the Blue Ox
2. Country Dance


3. Night

Stars and Stripes














July 4 Individual program
Evans, George In the Good Old Summertime theme
Grofé, Ferd Mardi Gras (from Mississippi)
Ellington, Duke
(arranged by Morton Gould)
Sophisticated Lady
Guion, Jean Arkansas Traveller
Strauss, Johann Voices of Spring (Frühlingsstimmen)
Rose, David Holiday for Strings
Burleigh, Cecil Barn Dance
Rodgers, Richard Medley from Allegro

Dec. 25 COLUMBIA CONCERT ORCHESTRA SERENADE OF CAROLS Dec. 25, 1949 Individual program
Humperdinck, Engelbert Waltz from Hansel and Gretel theme
Samuel-Rousseau, Marcel Nol Berrichon suite
Gould, Morton Serenade of Carols


CBS Symphony Orchestra
Bob Kosovsky • 1997 rev. 2017
Orchestra/ensemble: CBS Symphony Orchestra
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