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Bob Kosovsky
1997 rev. 2017



October 13, 1936 – March 23, 1937 

Music by famous people who were not professional musicians.

The list is assembled from scripts found in the Music Division of The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, which also holds recordings of many of these broadcasts.


Oct. 13 Music by Frederick the Great of Prussia
Frederick the Great of Prussia Overture to the opera “Il Re Pastore”

Finale from the Third Concerto for flute

Symphony in A major, last movement.



Oct. 27 Music by Henry VIII
Henry VIII Pasting with good company (song)

Alas, what shall I do? (song)

Oh my heart (song)

Suite of intrumental pieces

Oh how beauteous art thou (motet)



Nov. 17 Music of Sidney Lanier and Frederick Nietzsche
Sidney Lanier Love that hath us in a net (song)

Little Ella (song)

“Gnat” Symphony



Broadcast premiere
Frederick Nietzsche Aus der Jugenzeit (song)

Nachspiel (song)

Da Gent ein Bach (song)



Dec. 1 Music by Jean Jacques Rousseau
Jean Jacques Rousseau Selections from the opera “Le Devin du Village”

Dec. [15?] Music by …
Richard I of England
King of Navarre
Henry IV of France
Queen Hortense of Spain
Charles I of England
Louis XIII of France
Marie Antoinette of France


Jan. 12 Music by E. T. A. Hoffman
E. T. A. Hoffman Selections from the opera “Undine”

Feb. 9 Music by Samuel Butler
Samuel Butler Selections from the Cantata “Narcissus”

Overturre to “Ulysses”



Feb. 23 Music by …
Martin Luther
Prince Lorenzo de Medici
Prince Niccolo Machiavelli
Prince Gesualdo of Vanosa
Prince Ferdinand of Prussia

Mar. 9 Music by …
Francois Villon
John Milton Sr.
Thomas Campion
Samuel Pepys

Mar. 23 Music by Francois Andre Philidor
Francois Andre Philidor Selections from the opera “Tom Jones”
















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