Herrmann Photo Biography New York City

Bob Kosovsky

The Cemetery

Death certificate of Abraham Herrmann 

Death certificate of Abraham Herrmann
This death certificate provides a wealth of information on the Herrmann family.
Entrance to Beth David Cemetery 

Entrance to Beth David Cemetery
Bernard Herrmann and his relatives are buried in Beth David Cemetery, Elmont, New York — about a mile over the New York City border in Nassau County (Long Island).
Map of Beth David Cemetery 

Map of Beth David Cemetery
The cemetary is arranged with its own miniature roads. The Herrmann/Dardick family is buried in the plot of the United Konstantine Benevolent Society, in section BB2, at the intersection of Beth Israel and Washington Avenues.
Entrance to the Old Konstantine Benevolent Society burial plot 

Entrance to the Old Konstantine Benevolent Society burial plot
Bernard Herrmann, his father, and his mother are buried within the plot of the Old Konstantine Benevolent Society. There are a number of Dardick family members also buried here. Abraham’s brother, Nathan Dardick, is listed on the left entrance column as ex-president of the society. 

Bernard Herrmann’s grave is not visible in this picture, though it is located near the reddish gravestone at the far left (which is also visible in the picture of Herrmann’s grave).

It is interesting to speculate why the Dardick family associated with the Old Konstantine Benevolent Society. As the neighborhood around Second Avenue was occupied by Ukrainians as well as Jews, it is possible that the Dardicks chose the society simply because of its presence. In the photograph of Second Avenue looking south from 14th Street, many of the houses on the right side of the picture were and still are home to Ukrainian organizations and societies. Today, the Ukrainian presence along Second Avenue is still very strong.

Abraham Herrmann's headstone 

Abraham Herrmann’s headstone
Abraham Herrmann's footstone 

Abraham Herrmann’s footstone
The occupant of the grave in front of Abraham’s had his headstone erected just inches away from Abraham’s footstone, making it impossible to stand directly in front of the latter. 

The Hebrew reads: Avraham ben [son of] Moshe Yosef / Died 12 Iyar 5683.

Footstone of Ida Herrmann Rosenblath, Bernard Herrmann's mother 

Footstone of Ida Herrmann Rosenblath, Bernard Herrmann’s mother
The Hebrew is her Hebrew name: Chaya bas [daughter of] Moshe.
Ida Herrmann Rosenblath's headstone 

Ida Herrmann Rosenblath’s headstone
The bush growing on the adjacent grave (whose headstone is totally obscured by it) is encroaching on the grave.
Far shot of Bernard Herrmann's grave 

Far shot of Bernard Herrmann’s grave
Bernard Herrmann's footstone 

Bernard Herrmann’s footstone
The Hebrew is Bernard Herrmann’s Hebrew name, Binyamin ben [son of] Avraham.
Bernard Herrmann's headstone 

Bernard Herrmann’s headstone
Herrmann Photo Biography – New York City
Bob Kosovsky • 1999
Location: New York, NY, USA