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Fimucite 2: Closing Night Gala

DVD / CD combo

Alex North’s 2001 (Conducted by Diego Navarro)
1. Dawn of Man
2. The Bluff
3. Space Station Docking
4. Main Title

In Session (Conducted by Joel McNeely)
5. Psycho: Prelude (Bernard Herrmann)
6. Vertigo: Scene d’Amour (Bernard Herrmann)
7. Fahrenheit 451: The Road (Bernard Herrmann)
8. The Generals Suite: MacArthur / Patton (Jerry Goldsmith)
9. Star Trek: The Motion Picture: The Enterprise (Jerry Goldsmith)
10. Somewhere In Time: Theme (John Barry)
11. Out of Africa: Main Title (John Barry)
12. Body Heat: Theme (John Barry)
13. Taras Bulba: Ride Of The Cossacks (Franz Waxman)
14. Saving Private Ryan: Hymn To The Fallen (John Williams)

Encores (Conducted by Diego Navarro)
15. First Knight: Camelot Lives (Jerry Goldsmith)
16. The Phantom Menace: Duel Of The Fates (John Williams)