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The Film Music of Bernard Herrmann

The Film Music of Bernard Herrmann (1911-1975)

Music from ‘Hangover Square’ 28:06
Arranged from the original manuscripts by Stephen Hogger
1 Opening Titles; The Dealer; Murder and Fire; Confession 6:21
2 Netta; The Spell; The Murder; Fame 4:29
3 The Cat; Netta’s Death; The Bonfire; Recovery 6:05
4 Concerto macabre for Piano and Orchestra 11:01 (arr Herrmann)

Music from ‘Citizen Kane’ 49:07
Arranged from the original manuscripts by Stephen Hogger
5 Prelude; Rain (Susan in Nightclub); Thatcher Library; Manuscript Reading and Snow Picture; Mother’s Sacrifice; Charles Meets Thatcher 8:10
6 Galop; Dissolve to Thatcher Reading Document; Second Manuscript; Thanks; Bernstein’s Narration; Kane’s New Office; New Hornpipe Polka; Carter’s Exit; Chronicle Scherzo; Bernstein’s Presto 7:15
7 Kane’s Return; Collecting Statues; Valse Presentation; Sunset Narrative; Theme and Variations 7:38
8 Kane Meets Susan; Susan’s Room; Mother Memory; The Trip; Geddes’s Departure; Kane Marries 5:40
9 Salammbo’s Aria 4:12
10 Leland’s Dismissal; New Dawn Music; Xanadu; Jigsaws; Second Xanadu 7:10
11 Kane’s Picnic; Susan Leaves; El Rancho; The Glass Ballo; Finale 8:28

Total 77:31

CHAN 10577
recorded 24th/25th March 2009 and 14th July 2009

Source: Chandos
Orchestra/ensemble: BBC Philharmonic
Company/organization: Chandos