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Music from the Films of Alfred Hitchcock, Vol. 1

14 July 2006
1. Rebecca by Franz Waxman – Prelude
2. Spellbound by Milkos Rosza Spellbound – Main Theme/Dream/Ski Run
3. Notorious by Roy Webb – Dance Suite
4. Rope by Francis Poulenc – Mouvements Perpetuels / Perpetual Movement
5. Under Capricorn by Richard Addinsell – Theme From Under Capricorn
6. Strangers On A Train by Ray Heindorf – Duet for Four Feet / Guy goes to the Anthony Mansion
7. I Confess by Dmitri Tiomkin – Theme From I Confess
8. Dial M For Murder by Dmitri Tiomkin – Theme From Dial M For Murder
9. Rear Window by Franz Waxman – Juke Box Number 6
10. To Catch A Thief by Lyn Murray – Theme From To Catch A Thief
11. The Trouble With Harry by Bernard Herrmann – Theme From The Trouble With Harry
Source: Nick Haysom
Company/organization: El Records