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On Dangerous Ground“>

Prelude 1:23
Solitude* 1:11
Violence* 0:32
Nocturne* 2:01
Pastorale 2:22
Hunt Scherzo 2:44
Snowstorm/The Silence 3:36
The House* 0:40
Blindness 3:38
Fright 2:15
Faith 2:11
The Searching Heart 1:39
The Whispering 1:09
Dawn/The Idiot/Fear/The Cabin 5:41
The Death Hunt 2:22
The Hunt’s End 2:12
Grief 0:55
The Winter Walk* 1:34
The Parting*/The Return*/The City/Finale 6:04

Bonus Tracks:
Prelude (alternate take) 1:22
Outtakes 2:13

Total Disc Time: 48:24

*This entire CD has been mastered from acetate playback discs, the only surviving source for this recording. Surface noise is inherent in the transfers, and is especially noticeable in cues marked *. Every effort has been undertaken to improve the sound quality without compromising the natural ambiance.

Source: Film Score Monthly
Company/organization: Film Score Monthly