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Mozart to Morricone

Chamber music by Mozart and film composers Charles Chaplin, Ennio Morricone, Bernard Herrmann (Psycho), Miklós Rózsa, Lalo Shifrin and others.

Performed by Austin Hartman and Joana Genova, violins. Ariel Rudiakov, viola. Ron Feldman, cello. Julio Elizalde, piano. Also participating in this concert will be: Morrie Sherry, clarinet. Dimitri Rudiakov, bassoon, Jayn Rosenfeld, flute. Scott Brubaker, horn. With guest artists Darryl Kubian, playing the “theremin”, and members of the Don’t Leave band. Narrative read by Steve Stettle

Source: Movies in Concert
Music: Psycho
Orchestra/ensemble: Manchester Chamber Orchestra
Location: Manchester, VT, USA