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Hitchcock! Greatest Hits

Hitchcock Film Week Part 4:

Lyn Murray To Catch a Thief
Opening titles and The Cat Escapes
Bernard Herrmann Vertigo
Scene 1: Opening titles and Rooftop Chase
Scene 2: Scene d’amour
Dimitri Tiomkin Strangers on a Train
Scene 1: Opening and Feet to the Station
Scene 2: The Murder?
Scene 3: Tennis Match through Old Lady (“How exciting”)
Scene 4: The Carousel
Scene 5: The End
Hitchcock: By Himself
Gounod / Funeral March of a Marionette
Tiomkin Dial M for Murder
Scene 1: Opening titles and A Perfect Marriage
Scene 2: The Setup
Scene 3: The Murder
Scene 4: The Inspector’s Handbag
Scene 5: The End
Herrmann North by Northwest
Scene 1: Opening titles
Scene 2: Drunk Driving
Scene 3: Escape with Me
Scene 4: On Top of Mount Rushmore!-Greatest-Hits.aspx

Orchestra/ensemble: San Francisco Symphony
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA