Bernard Herrmann A Celebration of His Life and Music

Kurt George Gjerde
April 1999

Parise for the Program

It’s the most comprehensive account of a composer I have ever heard presented in such form…This is an important piece of work and even…old Benny would probably agree.
— Author, producer, film music historian Tony Thomas

Bravo! I think your broadcast was marvelous…your inclusion of portions of the SUSPENSE segment…proved of special interest…Obviously you did a thorough job of research and selection.
— Writer and author of Psycho, Robert Bloch

I learned many things I did not know, and enjoyed listening to music that was not always familiar. It is vital that more people come to know and appreciate the work of a musical genius like Bernard Herrmann, and your documentary can help do that. You have done a valuable service to film lovers and film music afficionados everywhere.
— Film historian Leonard Maltin

I can tell you that in my opinion your program was just about the best of its kind on my old friend Benny Herrmann: both informing and entertaining. I enjoyed it from beginning to end…
— Renowned composer, David Raksin

Congratulations…You have brought together judiciously, and with effectiveness, a balanced presentation…This tape seems to me worthy of wide distribution since it has intrinsic interest for the general music lover as well as for the growing audience of Herrmann aficionados.
— Writer, producer and famed radio innovator Norman Corwin

I feel that it was a remarkable representation of Benny’s career, and a heartfelt tribute to his wellspring of creation. The commentators added dignity and variety, plus a warmth and affection I’m sure he would have welcomed.
— Herrmann’s first wife, distinguished writer Lucille Fletcher

It does a most successful job of introducing Bernard Herrmann…to a wider public. Your program skillfully condenses a lifetime of his brilliant work into an amazingly representative overview.
— Film makeup artist and film music historian Craig Reardon

You have created a unique, comprehensive view of this great man’s life and work. We found the way you inserted the voices of his family, friends, associates [to be] very moving [and] gave the program extraordinary interest.
— Acclaimed violinist Dr. Louis Kaufman and pianist Mrs Annette Kaufman

It encompasses a broad spectrum of Benny’s compositions while revealing a profile of the man. I am absolutely delighted that this kind of intelligent, sensitive and poignant tribute has been made and preserved on tape.
— Herrmann’s second wife Lucy Anderson

The sequential programming of excerpts of his compositions, interlaced with interviews…, is fascinatingly constructed; one is led from one interesting episode to the next, in logical progression, with mounting captivation, until the poignant ending.
— CBS radio and television music librarian, Clark Harrington

It is truly an evocation of Benny’s great romantic genius…you…have done a masterly job in bringing the greatness of this man to us in such a well-balanced and telling performance. I am so grateful to you…for keeping alive the music and genius of this man whose heart and mind cried out for expression.
— Sister-in-law Ruth Herrmann

It was a delight to hear such a lovely tribute to Bernard Herrmann. Wishing you every success for other re-broadcasts of [Bernard Herrmann: a Celebration of His Life and Music.]
— Film producer and special effects master Ray Harryhausen

Thanks again to you…for the truly remarkable Bernard Herrmann program. We’ve received lots of favorable comments from our listeners.
— Radio host Ron DellaChiesa WGBH

A wonderful production!..Thorough and comprehensive account of Benny’s life and music.
— Eminent Musicologist and composer Fred Steiner

What’s there not to love about it…? I found it very moving and touching.
— Author, poet, screenwriter Ray Bradbury

Bravo! An entertaining and comprehensive account of Benny’s life…it covered a suprisingly wide range of his musical career.
— Bruno Zirato, former CBS Radio executive and Concert Master for the Phoenix Symphony.

Bernard Herrmann – A Celebration of His Life and Music
Kurt George Gjerde • April 1999