Herrmann Music in Have Gun Will Travel and Other Classic CBS Television Series

Bill Wrobel
June 2006


There are no general release dvd sets of this series yet so I will simply offer some delineations from the old subscription dvds released thru Columbia House, starting with the pilot show immediately below.


“The Case of the Restless Redhead” September 21, 1957 **** B+

This is a very nice introduction to Perry Mason. It tended to initially offer a rather romanticized version of Mason with a sort of flair and impatience to his character. The character, as it quickly evolved this season, tended to become far more even-natured, although Mason’s craftiness still remained. I always get a laugh in Chapter 3 starting at 2:41 in Mason’s office. He sees Evelyn Bagby (played by Whitney Blake) enter the office distraught and there’s a camera shot of him running to her aid. It’s fun playing it in slow motion. After that you hardly ever see Mason running in later episodes!

  • Chapter 1 from :42 to 1:17: “Suspense Mysterioso (Night, Outdoor, Feat, etc)” by Rene Garriguenc. Cue # 192, CBS 8-56-C-3. Bars 1-4, 1-18. This is a highly Herrmannesque cue so I felt it fitting to include it in this delineation.
  • Chapter 1 from 1:18 to 2:27: [???] This is also a Garriguenc cue but I cannot place its precise title at this moment.
  • Chapter 3 from :00 to :34 (actually starting a second before at the end of very short Chapter 2): “The Chase” (Police Force) Bars 27-28, 27-32, 37-42, 47-52, 74-83.
  • Chapter 3 from :36 to 1:23: “The Chase” mixed bars.
  • Chapter 7 from 2:36 to 2:40: [???] Sounds like a fragment of Herrmann’s but I still need to place it. Scene: Mason with Evelyn stating that if she is lying to him he cannot help her.
  • Chapter 8 from 4:02 to 4:22: “Lead-In B” (Police Force) all 7 bars, faster version. Scene: Mason parks his car, and then Paul Drake runs up to him.
  • Chapter 8 from 6:35 to Chapter 9 at :19: “Lead-In A” (Police Force) Bars 1-6. Scene: Perry arrives at the Eucalyptus Grove Motel in Riverside.

“The Case of the Baited Hook” December 21, 1957 ** C+

This episode was included in the first volume of the subscription series (along with the pilot show). However, there is no Herrmann music here.


“The Case of the Silent Partner” October 26, 1957 ***** A

I like this episode directed by Christian Nyby very much, and there’s a good deal of Herrmann music in it, especially the rarely heard “Shadows” cue. The most recognizable star is Dan Seymour playing the heavy, Harry Marlow. He often played film noir crime heavies, including the first season of The Adventures of Superman. Also go to very short Chapter 7. You’ll see two reporters interviewing Mason. The male reporter (“Smithy,” I believe Mason called him) is familiar to me. He played a role with Edward G. Robinson in the Warner Bros. crime movie, Illegal, that I liked. In the end credits, the actor, Jimmy McCallion, is listed as playing the “Veteran Reporter.”

  • Chapter 1 from 3:05 to 3:28: “Bad Man” (Western Suite) mixed bars. A very brief fragment of this cue is also played at the end of brief Chapter 9.
  • Chapter 1 from 17:05 to 17:11 (end of chapter): [???] This sounds Herrmannesque but I cannot yet identify it. It probably belongs to Garriguenc.
  • Chapter 5 from 1:11 to 1:48: “Shadows” (Western Suite) Bars 42-51 (end of cue). Scene: Perry is alone entering a house whereupon he finds a (dead) body! A Siamese cat is there as well (but quite alive!). Note: This cue from the Western Suite was not included in the Cerberus LP/Prometheus cd albums. The music seems rather out of place in a “Western” genre of music, more in keeping with a “Police Force” or mystery character of cues. It’s nice hearing this music here since we rarely ever get to hear this particular cue in the CBS series.
  • Chapter 5 from 1:50 to 2:23: “Shadows” (Western Suite), Bars 42-51 once again.
  • Chapter 5 from 3:45 to 5:15: “Shadows” (Western Suite) Bars 17-26, 30-33, 42-51.
  • Chapter 10 from 1:22 to 1:42: “Night Suspense” (Western Suite)
  • Chapter 10 from 3:58 to 4:13: “Bad Man” (Western Suite)
  • Chapter 10 from 4:14 to 5:43: “The Waiting” (Western Suite) Bars 1-8, and then 21-33 (end of cue). Note that this cue was also not included in the Cerberus/Prometheus albums. Scene: The blonde Lola Florey (Peggy Maley) returns back to home and starts to undress! The Herrmann music fitted quite nicely here, reminding me of his music for Sisters when the “blind” woman was being watched undressing in the gym at the beginning of the movie. If this was a French series, then Jeanne Moreau would’ve been perfectly cast in this role as Lola.

“The Case of the Crooked Candle” November 30, 1957 ** C

The companion episode to the one above, there is however no Herrmann music in this one except perhaps for one tiny fragment in Chapter 3 in Tragg’s office, I believe.


“The Case of the Prodigal Parent” March 8, 1958 *** B-

There is no Herrmann music in this standard episode but it was good to watch several of the guest stars, especially Fay Wray as Ethel Harrison. I always liked her performances in the later years, especially in that terrific Warner Bros. crime drama starring Edward G. Robinson titled Hell on Frisco Bay. John Hoyt also stars and also Nancy Kulp.


“The Case of the Empty Tin” March 8, 1958 ** C

Sorry, no Herrmann music in this episode either!


“The Case of the Calendar Girl” April 10, 1959 *** C+

This fairly interesting episode stars John Anderson as George Andrews. It also stars a small amount of Herrmann’s music!

  • Chapter 3 from :56 to Chapter 4 at :38: “Travel” (HGWT)
  • Chapter 4 from 2:02 to 2:09: “Heavy Curtain C” (Western Saga) Bars 1-3. This is a rarely heard cue (or portion thereof).
  • Chapter 5 from 1:00 to 1:40: “Travel” (HGWT)
  • Chapter 7 from 1:46 to 2:17: “Travel” once again.
  • Chapter 10 starting at 11:35: “Travel” once (or is it four?) times again.
Herrmann Music in Have Gun Will Travel and Other Classic CBS Television Series
Bill Wrobel • June 2006
Company/organization: CBS