Herrmann CBS Legacy

Bill Wrobel
8 August 2011

CBS Centenary Audio Clips – 2

1Hallmark Playhouse - Rest and Be Thankful
2Hallmark Playhouse - Two Years Before the Mast
3Hallmark Playhouse - A Man's Mother
4Hallmark Playhouse - A Breath of Air
5Desert Suite - VI - West Horizon
6Police Force - VII - Rundown
Cue 365 (from have Gun Will Travel)
7Desert Suite - X - Noon Day
8Desert Suite - II - Mirages
Partial (from Gunsmoke)
9Police Force - XI - Night
Cue 369, partial (from Have Gun Will Travel)
10Desert Suite - XV - Red Rocks
Cue 554-15, partial
11Indian Suite - Indian Romance
Cue 295 (from Have Gun Will Travel)
12Western Suite - I - Night Suspense
Cue 453, partial (from Gunsmoke)
13Echo III
Cue 221 (from Gunsmoke)
14Never Come Monday - Monday Morning
(from Twilight Zone)
15Police Force - Opening A
(from Perry Mason)
16Police Force - Middle Tag E
(from Perry Mason)
17Police Force - Middle Tag F
(from Perry Mason)
18Police Force - Middle Tag G
(from Perry Mason)
19Police Force - VIII - Suspects
Cue 366 (from Perry Mason)
20Police Force - VIII - Suspects
End bars 31-33 (from Perry Mason)


If you have problems playing the audio clips you can try the low bandwidth version.


Herrmann CBS Legacy
Bill Wrobel • 8 August 2011
Company/organization: CBS