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Talking Herrmann 1999 – 2023

20 March 2023
We have disabled the ability to post to the forum and retain it as a read-only archive.
This forum has been “pining for the fjords” for some time, and it’s time to withdraw its life support.
Kurt Gjerde created “Talking Herrmann” about 24 years ago, in March 1999. And technology has moved on. There is a time and place for everything.
There are other outlets for the Herrmann fan to communicate, Facebook, for example, or for those who prefer an old-style board, there is always Film Score Monthly.
Over the years, we sadly had recurring issues with posters who decided to use this board for personal vendettas, insults or political mudslinging. And currently, another “issue” has arisen.
One of the parties involved contacted us with specific demands that the board can not fulfil. And frankly, the last time something happened, I said to myself, “one more piece of aggro, and I will ask Kurt to pull the plug.” And Kurt agreed and found the time to disable the posting features today.
Talking Herrmann. 3rd March 1999 – 20th March 2023, R.I.P.