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Herrmann music rentals

28 November 2018

From January 2019 the Music Sales Group will take over the score rentals from Themes & Variations.

For the US, the rentals will be handled by Schirmer

For the UK, the rentals will be handled by Music Sales UK

For Germany, the rentals will be handled by Sikorski

From the press release:

G. Schirmer, a member of the Music Sales Group of Companies, is proud to announce that the renowned SONY / ATV Harmony and Melody Collection of orchestral music for classic films is moving from Themes & Variations to the G. Schirmer Rental and Performance Library.

Themes & Variations was expanded in 1972 to meet the demand for professional symphonic performances and recordings of music primarily composed for motion pictures from 1933 to the present day. The works in its collection were faithfully restored from the original orchestral sketches and/or orchestrations.

Some of the composers whose works are represented in the collection are John Addison, Sir Malcolm Arnold, John Barry, Sir Richard Rodney Bennett, Elmer Bernstein, Bruce Broughton, Ernest Gold, Jerry Goldsmith, Bernard Herrmann, James Horner, Maurice Jarre, Henry Mancini, Basil Poledouris, Nino Rota, David Rose, Miklos Rozsa, Max Steiner, and Victor Young.

Recent restorations include the latest Star Trek, Discovery by Jeff Russo and Interstellar by Hans Zimmer. Classic film scores include: the iconic To Kill a Mockingbird by Elmer Bernstein; PsychoVertigo, and Fahrenheit 451 by Bernard Herrmann; The Godfather and Romeo & Juliet by Nino Rota; Sleepy Hollow by Danny Elfman; Bram Stoker’s Dracula by Wojciech Kilar; Conan the Barbarian by Basil Poledouris; and Goldfinger by John Barry.

After the transfer of materials is complete in January 2019, the collection’s titles will be available at and