Carl St. Clair People

The Greatest Generation

COPLAND: Fanfare for the Common Man HERRMANN: For the Fallen WEILL: Walt Whitman Songs GOULD: Amber Waves DAUGHERTY: Mount Rushmore for Chorus and Orchestra.

Great Musical Moments in Film

Miklos Rozsa: Parade of the Charioteers, Ben Hur Bernard Herrmann: Vertigo Suite Leonard Bernstein: Somewhere, West Side Story Henry Mancini: Moon River, Breakfast at Tiffanys Richard Rodgers: I Have Dreamed, The King and I John Corigliano.

Hollywood’s Golden Age

Herrmann: Suite from "Vertigo" Herrmann: Melodrama "The City of Brass" Newton Howard: I Would Plant a Tree (World Premiere) Korngold: Scherzo from Symphony in F-sharp Korngold: Theme and Variations from "Kings Row" (with film clip) Rozsa: Theme and Variations for Violin, Cello and Orchestra Rozsa.